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Books in Common is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the retail book business. We work with booksellers on a diversity of projects: from designing new stores and remodeling existing stores to advising prospective and experienced bookstore owners on operational and financial matters. Our client list includes some of the smartest and most successful independent booksellers across the U.S. and abroad. As our name implies, we also provide training and advice to publishers, wholesalers, schools, libraries, and others in the book trade.

Kate Whouley (who-lee, rhymes with truly) founded Books in Common in 1988, after working in a variety of bookstore and library settings. She remains the woman behind the banner, and many clients prefer working one-on-one with Kate. On larger projects, we assemble a project team that may include software developers, building contractors, architects, or media specialists. 

While we offer the wisdom of many years and many projects, we believe the requirements of every client are unique. We listen to you and learn about your business, or the business you hope to create. We work together to figure out where you have strength and where you need support, and we operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect. This approach means many clients return to us when they are embarking on a new project or have reached a new phase in their business life. We enjoy staying in touch with clients through the years and watching businesses—and people—evolve and grow.


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